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Chicago PetPal

Professional In-Home Pet Care, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, & Dog Waste Removal Services

In-Home Pet Care & Pet Sitting - While the owner is away from home or on vacation, Chicago PetPal can visit regularly to feed, clean up, walk, and care for your pets. We can even simply provide a wellness check and send notifications to you. You'll be able to enjoy your time away from home and your pets while having the comfort and satisfaction of knowing how things are going back at home, worry free!


~ There's no need to spend your hard-earned money on expensive kennels, hotels, and boarding. All of which can frighten and put unnecessary stress on your pet while they are being housed in a cage for most of each day, as well as exposed to illness or injury from other pets. Your pet will be much happier, comfortable, and safer in the their home environment because it is the place they're already most familiar and comfortable with.


Dog Walking - Dogs are walked in Walking order to help increase their physical conditioning. We will work with the client to determine the best method of conditioning for their pets.


Dog Waste Removal - We scoop, bag, and remove your pet's waste from your property so you don't have to. We patrol your property in a lawn-mower pattern so we don't miss a thing.

We send you FREE text messages & e-mails after every service visit that include:

  • Pictures
  • Status Update
  • Report Card Checklist
  • Start / End Times & GPS Coordinates On Map
  • GPS Route Tracking On Map

These notifications are provided to you FREE of charge for your own peace of mind.

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