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Cash - Personal Checks - Cashier's Checks - Money Orders - PayPal - Zelle - Venmo - All Major Credit Cards

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Located in Palos Hills, IL


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(708) 777-4202



Client / Customer Portal & Mobile App Information

All of our clients / customers have access to an online client portal, as well as a mobile app (Android & iOS), where they can receive e-mail & text message updates & notifications, review & send messages, update their information, request & schedule services, review their upcoming events, view all of their invoices, & make payments online!


NOTE: We send you FREE text messages & e-mails after every service visit that include:

  • Pictures
  • Status Update
  • Report Card Checklist
  • Start & Completion Times
  • GPS Coordinates On Map

These notifications are provided to you FREE of charge for your own peace of mind.


The conversation section is where clients can view all messages and pictures that have been sent to them. They are listed in chronological order and there is no limit to the amount of messages that can be stored. Clients can also send messages directly to the staff from here as well.


Clients can review all of the information that is on file for their pets in their portal. If there is a change to Fido’s routine – they can make updates here. Your clients can also add new pets too. Whenever a change is made – the staff will be notified and shown exactly what has been updated.


The schedule tab is where clients can review all of their events. They can also submit new service requests and review any pending requests. Clients can also make Cancellation/Change requests in the schedule section.

My Info

Just like in the pets section – clients can review all of the information that is on file for them. If they need to update their garage code or their building got a new doorman – they can make those changes here.


Invoices are where clients can view and print all of their outstanding invoices. Clients can make Credit Card or PayPal payments on their invoices here as well.

Android & iOS Mobile App

Clients can view and send messages, update their information, review and request services, as well as access and pay their invoices from the client mobile app.

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